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Nurturing a Progressive and Pervasive WSH Culture

from hardware to software to heartware

WSH Culture

From hardware to software to heartware.
In the early years of industrialisation, organisations achieved improvement in WSH standards by providing safeguards to machineries and by refining the hardware. In recent 40 years further improvement in WSH was achieved by the implementation of management systems. The next step to achieve higher WSH standards is PEOPLE. We need to cultivate a WSH culture that zero accident and near misses is possible and is achievable.
At SMER, our approach towards WSH culture starts from the top and in the boardrooms by shaping a progressive and pervasive WSH vision and governance, cascading down to the last employee in hazards identification, risk assessment, competency building, pro-active engagement to advocacy in WSH. Only with a strong culture that workplaces can realise the vision of zero harm.